Consulting and Management

Digital Strategy Consulting

Thanks to a wide digital and business knowledge, we are able to provide advice at 360 degrees with regard to digital. 
We offer consultancy services both to companies and private users about their brand and digital processes in order to help and guide them to growth and success.

A complete digital strategy only happens when designers, programmers and marketing experts work together. We explore new business opportunities and optimize corporate performance by combining marketing actions and digital communication.


Oimmei is special because it has the ability to guide the processes so that there is always a close connection between technology, design and marketing, to get the most out of the results. 
Through analytics and metrics, we build clear strategy with measurable objectives, we detect the actual and desired positioning on the market and we carry out a comparative analysis of the competitors. 
By coordinating the efforts that range from content, design and user experience, from problem solving to business audits, we get the best possible experiences, monitoring and simplifying processes and interactions.


Starting a new business or a new product involves a large number of steps, some of them have never been undertaken before and should be known in advance to be prepared, so as not to remain paralyzed and motionless even before leaving. We help the startups to move their first steps towards creation and strengthening. 
We offer solutions that mix the study with our experience in every key sector for the company, providing help and practical support to future startups.
In this way we can provide great benefits, by avoiding wasting of time and money and bringing the company directly to the next step.